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As climactic variability increases, water storage will play an essential role in creating more resilient and independent communities.


  • Reduces the negative impact you have on your environment.
  • Reduces your water bills
  • Reduces the load on dams/reservoirs in your community
  • Very simple and easy to use

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Most basic undrinkable rainwater harvesting at Youtube
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Most collected water is Non-Potable (Not drinkable). In order to drink is it must be treated or filtered (Learn More >>).
This does not mean you need to install a filter, as this water is still suitable for most household tasks.

Such as:

  • Flushing the toilet
  • Watering the garden
  • Washing clothes
  • Washing cars
  • Industrial Applications

Adding filtration/treatment to the collection system makes it possible to make a home totally water independent.

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Types of water reuse at National Academy of Sciences