With Compost

Heating with compost

As organic matter is broken down by bacteria, large amounts of heat are produced.
This heat can be collected very cheaply, and is a reliable source of energy no matter the weather. Considering that composting is a part of any sustainable garden system, this energy collection method should not be ignored!

Compost pile heater

  • Completely sustainable
  • Organic and completely natural
  • Composting is essential anyway
  • Zero maintenance during compost life cycle
  • Very cheap
  • Simple
  • Reliable
  • Scalable
  • Money saving
  • No overheating dangers

Construction is simple – as you build your compost mound, a coil or piping or tubing is placed in the center. This is then buried with more compost, leaving the pipe connections accessible. Water temperatures of around 70 Degrees C can be reliably obtained by cycling water through the coils.
This can heat homes, water, greenhouses, barns – anything.

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