Food Storage

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Preserving food is the art of making it stay edible for longer, with minimal degradation.

Our current centralized factory farming techniques mean that all food retailers must estimate how much food they need, and over-order to make sure that need is met.
All the unsold produce that is currently discarded from shops and markets worldwide could be utilized with a little sustainable preservation.

Growing and harvesting happens in cycles, so if you want your own sustainable produce available year-round, you’d better learn about preservation!
Most food sold in the developed world has already been preserved in one way or another- often with potentially harmful chemicals & methods – produce that you grow yourself will degrade much faster than you may consider “normal”.
Our current society is highly unprepared for a serious food supply interruption, to the level that it could be considered almost criminally negligent to ignore the risk to life and health.

Some types of produce are very easy to store for long periods with little nutrient loss.

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