For milk and meat.

Goat meat is the most widely eaten meat in the world in terms of how many individual animals are eaten and by how many people.
A good doe will yield a gallon of milk each day from a feeding of three to four pounds of grain and a few pounds of hay (the latter helps keep her rumen-part of the animal’s digestive system-healthy).

Goat meat, called Chevon is delicious . . . and tanned hides from the animals can be used for rugs, vests, jackets, and other garments.

  • A single goat produces 3-4L of milk daily when fed an optimal diet
  • Tastes similar to cow’s milk
  • Milk is naturally homogenized, and of comparative flavour and nutrition to cow milk
  • Very low maintenance
  • Can be sustained on forage alone, but some supplementary Legumes are recommended
  • Excellent ratio of labor-in to produce-out
  • Produces valuable skins as a side product
  • Many people who cannot tolerate cow milk can drink goats milk
  • Male goats can smell terrible in mating season – not good for small areas
  • Must be milked regularly while producing for up to 10 months
  • Some goats are quite noisy – bad for neighbors in urban areas 

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