Black soldier fly larvae

Black Soldier Fly Larvae

This remarkable creature is genetically programmed to harvest itself. When it reaches maturity, it will climb out of its food source, crawl up a ramp (cleaning itself as it goes) and drop into a container ready for collection.

SF larvae also handle offal and dairy wastes very effectively. This is a very handy attribute because, when you process a fish, chicken or rabbit for food, about half of the live weight is going to comprise viscera (guts), skin, feathers, scales or other inedible waste that will require disposal.
Soldier Fly larvae will convert this waste to live protein leaving you with compost that has an earthy odour and the texture of ground coffee. Soldier Fly larvae manure is a very useful soil conditioner and it makes excellent worm bedding.-

//under construction!! Comment if you know some good systems people have created.

The fly does not have functional mouth parts so they do not eat waste and nor can they regurgitate on human food.

If you add 100 pounds of food waste to your black soldier fly bin, you should end up with 20 pounds of prepupae (large larvae, ready to change into adults.) A nutritional analysis of dried black soldier fly prepupae consists of: 42.1% crude protein 34.8% ether extract (lipids) 7.0% crude fiber 7.9% moisture 1.4% nitrogen free extract (NFE) 14.6% ash 5.0% calcium 1.5% phosphorus –

  • Omniverous – consumes plant and animal matter
  • Very low maintenance
  • Great food for chickens and fish
  • Compact, cheap & easy to build
  • Low Maintenance
  • Recycles your waste much faster than composting
  • Can generate solid & liquid fertiliser
  • Scalable to many sizes.
  • Totally Organic process

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