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Christopher Pickering


Welcome! I’m Chris, creator of Practical Sustainability. I’ve been planning this organisation since around 2009, building prototypes for it since 2014, and it’s time to get serious and start publishing some results and see what happens.

Since the main goal of Practical Sustainability is to research, develop, document and publish ways you can Do It Yourself, cheaply, using recycled materials – I doubt there is much capitalist style funding on the horizon.

To avoid the cost of expensive outsourced skills crippling these projects or simply making them impossible to begin with, I’ve been gradually learning all the necessary skills to ensure completion of all projects, even if only minimum wage funding is possible. Use of recycled materials will reduce other expenses significantly!

Mission Statement

Practical Sustainability is a non-profit enterprise dedicated to designing, building and testing sustainability solutions.

We aim to find the most practical options that can be accomplished by any individual, on a  very low budget, even if they live in high-density urban areas.

We believe that any sustainable solution must be attainable by anyone on the planet, which is often impossible for most currently available commercial products due to price.  The majority of the world cannot easily afford basic essentials, let alone worrying about buying products to become sustainable.

Once cheap D.I.Y solutions are proven and tested, we will offer free tutorials and information to anyone who is interested in reducing their environmental impact.

Under construction!   /// 28/11/2018 – chris


Skillset available

  • Construction
  • Carpentry
  • Construction site management
  • Risk and Hazard assessment
  • Graphic design
  • 2D animation
  • Programming
  • 3D modelling and drafting
  • Scale model building
  • Video editing
  • Electronics & Micro-controllers
  • Welding
  • Fitting and Machining
  • Small business management
  • Digital marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Website building and content production






Click here to see our most recent project list. (Under construction)

If you would like to contact us, help, or find out more, visit:

Practical Sustainability on Facebook

Practical Sustainability on Twitter



We will accept orders or contracts for building solutions for third parties, if it is deemed that the income from such work will advance our research and development goals. If you want us to work for you, there is a far higher chance of acceptance if you allow your desired solution to involve prototypes and new technologies that may not be fully proven.

If you want to donate, here’s a PayPal link, leave us a comment with what kind of projects you’d like to see. Other than $20/month that goes to our web servers, 100% of practical sustainability funds go directly to new R&D projects.

There will be other contact methods available soon, but for now, facebook is it!